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August 2, 2016

Five Tips to Save on Auto Insurance

Everybody is always looking for ways to save a little money on their auto insurance policy. Here are five simple tips to help you start saving on your own auto insurance. 

1.    Make your payments on time.

Being punctual on your insurance payments is very important. Being late for a payment, or missing one completely, can cause your rates to rise, or even be canceled.

2.    Bundle up!

Bundling two or more policies can help you save money on your insurance. Combining your policies can help reduce your overall payment. Adding an additional policy, like a life insurance policy, can also help receive discounts. 

3.    Be a safe driver.

Staying accident-free can make you eligible for a discount at the end of each year without having an accident. Steering clear from speeding tickets or other traffic violations can also help. 

4.    Good Student Discount.

If you are a student, or have a child who is a student-driver, having good grades can get you a discount. You may be eligible for lower insurance rates for having a B average or better. 

5.    Have more than one vehicle.

Auto insurance is something that everyone needs to have. Finding ways to get discounts on your policy makes having auto insurance a little more accepting. Contact a Tyner Insurance Group representative to discuss an auto insurance policy, and to see what other kinds of discounts you could be eligible for at 785-456-9466. 

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